July 9, 2018

Analysis of Living Like Weasels. Essay sample


To begin with, it is important to present the summary of the essay ‘Living Like Weasels’. Thus, Annie Dillard, who is the author of the essay, reflects upon the encounter she had with the weasels the other day. In such a way, she presents a series of findings as well as her general takeaway from the whole experience in this essay.

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The first thing to mention is that the author starts by presenting the list of characteristics according to which a weasel is considered to be wild. Then, she describes the place where she met a weasel. In addition, the author also mentions what she was doing before she met the animal. Later on, she dwells upon this encounter as well as explains what this experience means to her, not to mention the fact that author also tries to interpret the whole story.

The main idea to highlight regarding the essay in question as follows: people should learn how to be  a little bit wilder in their everyday lives and perhaps start living their lives the way weasels do. The latter are free to do whatever the want and they pursue every opportunity they get even though it may not be the most reasonable thing to do. What the author is trying to say is that people have become too rational which is the reason why they are simply afraid to do something radical in order to follow their dreams.

All in all, the essay ‘Living Like Weasels’ would be an interesting read for everyone who has ever mulled over the existentialistic question of the purpose of our lives.

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