July 4, 2016

All students should have an after school job



The attitudes of parents differ dramatically when the matter concerns their children having an after school job. Some of them ban their offspring to be multitask and insist on paying much attention to studying. The others try to develop in their kids an entrepreneur’s drive and suggest their children to go earn their own money as soon as they can. And, surely, they both cannot agree on whose upbringing is the best.

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Trying to find rights and wrongs in this controversy we come to the conclusion that both sides are partially right. Parents who ban their children to work alongside with studying care about their education as the first reason for poor academic achievements is unsatisfactory homework and lack of self-study. Children who hardly find a little time to sleep, not even to mention homework, have no chances to perform well at school. On the other hand, if parents feel that their kid has enough motivation to burn the candle at both ends, they can induce children to strive for more in their life.

Obviously, there are not so much highly energetic students who can manage doing several tasks at the time; rather on the contrary – academic pressure tends only to increase lately. For this reason it would be more considerate decision to focus attention of children upon their studying. We shall not forget that many of them take extracurricular activities such as studying arts or going in for sports; they are highly important to students as well while they develop new skills or keep themselves fit. Certainly, this is for every parent to decide whether they want their child to work after classes, but this decision must be properly balanced.


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