July 4, 2016

All students should be required to perform one year of community service



Volunteering is characterized by its free basis which means that people are not forced to participate in social life by their employers or authorities. Nevertheless, binding students to spend some time in a community service can bring certain benefits both to schools and children. As a matter of fact, individuals with volunteering experience are more appreciated by employers due to their benevolent intentions and ability to work for the common good.  Besides, volunteers are more likely to develop strong problem solving skills, achieve greater success in education or start scholarship.

Academic level: Deadline:
11-14 d 7-10 d 4-6 d 3 days 48 hrs 24 hrs 8 hrs
University $16 $17 $19 $21 $25 $28 $37
Master`s $22 $24 $26 $30 $32 $37 $45
Ph.D. $27 $29 $33 $35 $42 $48 n/a

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It is a well known fact that life in real world is somehow different from what we learn in classrooms; because of that many students can appear to be unprepared to the fierce circumstances that occur in life. In this respect community service offers an exceptional opportunity to learn what life really is and how to cope with ongoing difficulties. Despite this experience cannot be achieved at classes, school knowledge can greatly help to become a good volunteer. Although, it is not a knowledge which is appreciated in volunteers, it is their ambition to be useful and help for those who need it.

Volunteering experience will, obviously, be useful for every student so there can be no objections for children to take such activity. Probably, it can be not a whole gap year (unless a student has graduated from high school) but an occupation for summer break. Anyway, all children take three months without education as a perfect opportunity for some adventures, so why not chose volunteering?

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