July 4, 2016

All people should be vegetarians



Alongside with existence of numerous diets vegetarianism transcends being a mere dietary habit. Nowadays it is a separate culture of nutrition which provides incontestable benefits for its followers. When dishes rich in saturated fats and carcinogens are treated as junk food, vegetarian lifestyle aims at saving people from nasty inconveniences which further grow into gruesome diseases. Refusal from animal products can help to recover from lingering illnesses as well that is why many patients become vegetarians after they underwent surgery.

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Not only an illness can be a drive to reconsider our diet. Brilliant state of health is a blessing, but for how much longer people can preserve it depends only on individuals themselves. Those who care about what they will look like in few decades certainly restrict themselves from food which is likely to provoke unpleasant outcomes. And while the positive effect of meat food is uncertain, plants and herbs are proved to be a storage of essential nutriments lack of which poses a threat to our health.

Vegetarianism is an area of interest not only for those who care about well-being but also for advocates of animals. The whole communities insist on slaughter being inhuman and extremely cruel. The more people become vegetarians, the less harm is done to innocent animals that were born to be further served at restaurants. Despite our morality code usually refers to human interaction, it would be great to expand this notion towards wild nature as well.


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