June 19, 2018

Airline environment in USA and Asia. Essay sample


There is no doubt that airline environment in USA and Asia is totally different. That is the reason why its is important to research this issue so that to present all those similarities and differences.

Speaking about the airline environment in the United States of America, the first thing to highlight is that the majority of the population travels by air merely because of the fact that the country is really large. Therefore, it simply takes less time to get to the desired destination by air. However, the industry faces a lot of problems as well. To specify, the field desperately needs investments in order to finally modernize the area as well as become more efficient in general.

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Speaking about the airline environment in Asia, the area is growing very fast, mainly due to the fact that Asian cities quite often serve as a hub for those who travel to other parts of the world. What is more, a lot of airports in Asia are very modern and technologically developed which makes the whole journey very comfortable for an average traveler. That is the reason why Asian airports are usually at the top of the list when it comes to defining the best airports in the world. Among the problems which the airline industry faces in Asia, the biggest one seems to be custom hold-ups and slow safety processing.

Taking everything into consideration, each of the regions faces their own problems which they obviously need to solve right away. Yet, one of the common issues relevant both for the United States of America and Asia is the lack of proper investment.

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