May 28, 2016

Social Stratification / Social Classes / Social Inequalities/ National Inequalities



Inequalities have a range of manifestation in societies on various stages of development and with various forms of authority. Social stratification is a process which starts a gap between social classes. Division of all people into layers is inherent not only to the tribal communities which are on the very start of their existence, it is the same norm for Western societies. Belonging to any particular stratum is predetermined by birth or heritage even by this time, though, unlike in medieval times, today people are quite free to move to the upper class if they become successful and famous in various spheres, or sink to the lower stage if they were unlucky and lost their fortune due to the actions of opponents, gambling, substance addiction etc..

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Individuals also can be predetermined to belong to a lower stratum if the issue of national inequalities rise. In most societies representatives of nationalities which were historically biased, prejudiced, persecuted for a mere national membership are still treated ambiguously. This is a result  of past policies like nazism, when people died only because they represented the “flawed” nations.

Obviously, modern social inequalities greatly differ from how they looked like centuries ago. When we say that people are bound to any social class from their birth we mean the particular background guaranteed to kids by their parents. Frequently this background restricts opportunities and it becomes difficult to move to the upper level of society. Nevertheless, ambitious and talented individuals who worked hard or had been promoted obtain a nice chance to overcome their current reality in favor of a better one.

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