March 10, 2011

High School, Recipe, A Poem About Racism. essay example

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Each poems subject is based around a persons

ethnicticity. The common theme is racism, prejudice, and

stereotyping of individuals who are non-white. These

poems were all wrote at a time were segregation and

equal rights were becoming a major issue. Even though

laws for equality were being established, sadly,

discrimination was still being used against those of

color. Recipe by Janice Mirikitani, is a narrative

poem regarding a persons facial features. Miriketani

gives directions on how to temporarily change the shape

of your eyes to be round. The speakers knowledge of

experience is heard throughout this poem. The diction is

simple to understand and the message it sends indicates

the pain endured by being a victim of racism and the

extent one would go to too fit in. The last line, Do

Not Cry (16), indicates Mirikitanis’ strength and

willingness to strive ahead no matter what. Personal

Question by Diane Burns, is a narrative poem focusing

on a conversation between two men, one being a Native

American, the other is not. Burns wrote this poem in a

manner to reveal ones ignorance towards a persons race,

culture and feelings. Burns interpets this message using

simple diction, with a humor format. Throughout the

poem, the Native American shows tolerance, but disgust

which indicates to the reader that the Native American

has had this type of conversation before. Burns clearly

reveals how being stereotyped according to your race can

be ignorantly done by an individual who has no harmful

intentions, just interests. Ballad of a Landlord by

Langston Hughs. A narrative poem about how a black man

is being treated. Not just by his landlord by society in

general. Racism is the theme to this poem, which is

heard in an erythematic tone. Landlord, Landlord (1),

sets the rhythm that is carried throughout the poem.

Hughs blends the tone with the diction quite well. It

allows the reader to experience some enjoyment while

reading content regarding such a serious issue. The

poems portray some form of discrimination regarding individuals

who are not white. Pain, hardship is relevant within the reading,

but also strength and the willingness to survive hatred and


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