August 5, 2008

College, The Mystery of Easter Island essay example

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So far, people had wondered about the mystery of Easter Island. Why are there strange markings? Why are there carved statues of faces?, What happened to the people that had inhabited this island? This essay will explain the mystery of Easter Island.

The Easter Islanders had used rock to carve the statues that you see on the island today. They use soft volcanic tuff for statue carving. This tuff was an extrusive kind of igneous rock. This means that the lava from the volcano had cooled quickly. These statues were called moais.

The moai carvers were ingenious in making the most out of sections of rock. The production of the statues was most likely through labor with many rituals and ceremonies performed throughout the process. When a statue was completed, it was broken off its keel and slid carefully down the slope. The final decorations were carved into the torso and back.

The moai had to be transported across the island to the platforms after they had been completed. But, how will they transport these statues. Some suggested that they were rolled along the ancient roads on logs lubricated with oils from palm trees. Others suggest that they were carried in an upright position and were kept stable by crews manning ropes. Once they had made it to the site, the moai was placed on big platforms called ahu. Massive blocks and tons of fill were used to build the ahu. The precision in the stone fittings, similar to that of the Incas, that gave Thor Heyerdahl the idea that these people came from South America.

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