April 21, 2009

College, Mystery Short Stories Essay essay example

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There are numerous genres of short stories that are read throughout the world. One specific type of short story that continues to intrigue readers minds is that of mystery. Mysteries are captivating and entertaining stories that make the mind work in a unique and creative way. Plot twists occur throughout, ensuring that the readers full attention if he or she wants to solve the mystery. Mysteries all contain key elements that are essential in characterizing them as a mystery settings found in these short stories are crucial, as they enable, the reader to picture exactly where the events of the work are taking place. Symbolism or animal imagery is necessary in mystery short stories, as it adds to the description of the happenings in the plot. Characterization aids the reader in picturing how the characters appear and helps display their character traits, explaining why they act in a certain manner. The Best American Mystery Stories of the Century are defined as mystery stories because they posses the key elements of a mystery, setting, symbolism and animal imagery, and characterization.

The setting is indispensable in the creating of a mystery story because it gives a clear description of the environment of the story. The setting allows the reader to feel involved in the story and think of what it must be like to be present in the place where the events partake. In Paul`s Case by Willa Carter, a vivid description of Paul`s house was given which made visualizing this setting relatively easy.

The nearer he approached the house, the more absolutely unequal Paul felt to the sight of it all; his ugly sleeping chamber; the cold bathroom with the grimy zinc tub, the cracked mirror, the dripping spigots. (Hillerman 13)

In An Error in Chemistry by William Faulkner, a well writing description of Joel Flint`s old workplace is given.

A lighted booth where a roulette wheel spun against a bank of nickel-plated pistols and razors and watches and harmonicas, in a traveling carnival. (Hillerman 319)

In The Murder by John Steinback, grand description of the scenery of the Canon del Castillo was given.

From the main Canon del Castillo a number of little arroyos cut back into the mountains, oak-wooded canyons, heavily brushed with poison oak and sage. At the head of the canyon there stands a tremendous stone castle, buttressed and towered. (Hillerman 193)

A well done setting is a very important asset to a short story, especially when symbolism and animal imagery is used when describing certain parts of the setting.

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