July 6, 2017

What skills are necessary for effective communication? essay sample



It seems like most people have all necessary communication skills by default. If we do not have a disability that impairs all our senses and pronunciation at the same time, we definitely can communicate with the entire community or some part of it. Nevertheless, sometimes we feel that our communication fails. We start thinking that something is wrong with our interlocutors. However, the reason is not always hidden in someone else. We often create awkward situations ourselves as we lack some crucial communication skill.

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Whether in personal or in business communication, strategies of expressing ourselves are the same.

In the first place, it is important to listen to the interlocutor. Even more, it is important to hear the person as we often listen to people with our mind wandering far away from the topic. To express our comprehension, we usually make an eye contact. Avoiding looking the person into the eyes we show that something is wrong, and the interlocutor starts creating non-existent problems. Perhaps we avoid eye contact because we are shy, but the interlocutor may imagine that we feel guilty for something.

It is highly important to preserve the clarity of expressions in the conversation. Filling our speech with ambiguous or sophisticated phrasing we put additional hurdles to understanding. Even if the interlocutor is familiar with our lexis, we can misuse complicated language and mislead the listener.

Paying respect to opinions of the others is essential to find a common language with others. All people are so different that there is no way everybody will share the same opinion.

And last, we shall always provide some feedback. It indicates whether the communication was effective or not, and it is the only way to improve it.

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