July 6, 2017

What can be done to eliminate or prevent racism? essay sample



However much we wanted for racism to vanish, this pattern of thinking is ingrained deeply in human mind. Racial discrimination has especially exacerbated with the globalization. Many countries became multinational, and the native population was not always happy about this fact. It is natural for folks to think that strangers – people of a different race – pose a threat to their life. The fear of those who look differently is as ancient as the world, and in all times people wanted to suppress strangers invading their land. Today we try to go away from such an outdated way of thinking, but ruining a stereotype is far more difficult than creating it.

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The first thing we have to do for preventing racism is to stop differentiating people according to their race. Racism does not exist in the world with no blacks and whites. People are not merely representatives of their race, they are also professionals and activists working to make their country better. Searching for things that make us different, we will never find anything in common.

We will hardly ever live in the world without racism, but our descendants will probably do. Today we have to teach our children that diversity is a norm of life. All people look differently, and there is no fault in that. Tell the kids that we cannot judge merely looking at the person. The color of skin can say nothing but the origin of one’s ancestors. And ancestors actually play no role in the formation of a new personality.

Eradicating racism is difficult because we just cannot learn to think differently. But still, we can teach our children to think broader. Racism is not limited to some actions – they are only a revealing. Racism is what we think, the philosophy we have inside.

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