July 6, 2017

Various types and structures of call centers and their roles in organizations essay sample



Call centers became an inherent part of sales organizations as they assure constant and efficient customer support. Nevertheless, call centers may provide other functions depending on their purpose and location.

According to the type of calls they receive, call centers may be inbound or outbound. An inbound call center receives incoming calls from clients. This is a classic example of customer support service that provides help every time a customer needs it. Companies with a large client database commonly have an inbound call center so that the agents may be easily overloaded with calls. In outbound call centers, agents make calls themselves. Previously, outbound centers were strongly connected to telemarketing, but today the market has changed. Progressive companies find it ineffective to trouble the target audience with annoying phone calls and switched to e-mails. Instead, outbound centers are used to contact already existing clients to get client’s response about the received services.

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According to the target country, call centers can be domestic or international. The first type receives calls only from their country and does not necessarily require the knowledge of a foreign language. If multilingual regions, the agents shall speak all local languages fluently. International call centers receive calls on behalf of the foreign partners. These are generally outsourcing companies that provide comparatively cheap services.

There are in-house call centers that belong to the company for which they work. Outsourced call centers are companies that make contracts and work for other companies overseas. However, sometimes companies outsource their call centers within the same country as well.

According to their size, call centers can be home-based, small, medium, or large. Home-based ones usually consist of a single person working from home.

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