June 28, 2016

Time is money. True or not?



Modern promotion of money as a means to achieve the greater good has been condemned by moralists and religious people. Nevertheless, its value and influence upon the society is huge and cannot be denied by those whose incomes are rather moderate. Moreover, today we got used to pay money for a time unit when we are given services of various kind. While some people consider it weird to pay for time and not quality of goods, the others believe it is a fair system as major employers get payed respectively to the number of hours they work.

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Ph.D. $27 $29 $33 $35 $42 $48 n/a

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Money we earn is tightly bound to the time limitations we apply to our work. Certainly, people could earn as much money as they wish if they could work round the clock but it is rather impossible. Consequently, workers providing services in various spheres try to optimize their time so that every hour was spent with the maximum use, which includes financial measure.

When we say “time is money” we do not obviously mean that we are so much involved into some lucrative business that every 10 minutes are a huge financial loss. It frequently means that with the tight working schedule and a certain amount of activities we perform in our leisure time it is very unpleasant to devote our time to minor or unimportant activities which will destroy our plans.

For some people time and money are interrelated, for others they are just two separate notions. Nevertheless, it is important to praise our time even beyond money, as sometimes modern fast moving world remains us very little time to spend with loved ones or, at least, to rest normally.

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