July 4, 2016

The US Government should fund a space mission to Mars



Exploration of space regularly receives a generous portion of attention from those who believe that people can expand their habitat far beyond our planet. Innovative researches made by NASA enrich our knowledge concerning the universe and give some hope that in the near future Earth will not remain the only place for humans to live. Programs and missions of the space agency are mainly funded by the federal government which enhances further research in this field. But expediency of such investment is quite a disputable topic as a part of society believes this money shall rather be spent on more down-to-earth problems.

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Manned mission to Mars has already been planed for decades. Sending astronauts to other planets could be a great achievement and pride for the country which achieved such progress. However, expenses on its implementation will appear really immense. And this is the point at which controversy arises. On the one hand, both government and society want to accept manned mission to Mars as a modern reality while they realize how much it can influence level of scientific development. On the other hand, current state of economy, debt, and poverty prevents the authorities from spending large sums from the budget due to the mere interest. And the more our opportunities develop, the sharper this argument becomes.

It is rather undesirable for the federal government to provide solid financial backing for exploration of space these days due to the exacerbated social and economic problems. Probably in due course current troubles will pass away and the US government will be able to spend money on whatever they want. But as a desirable level of development has not been achieved yet, money shall solve our mundane tasks.

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