May 28, 2016


Stable images which are used to characterize certain group of individuals are called stereotypes. They are an inevitable part of human communication, especially between various nations. Stereotypes are not always considered as negative depictions, sometimes they can be satiric, comic, generally speaking – benevolent. Appearance of stereotypes is a consequence of ignorance, misunderstanding of foreign cultures, desire to explain events in comical light. All stereotypes are partially true and partially distorted as they have not appeared just out of nothing.

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A large group of stereotypes appeared when people could not explain why some foreigners act in an odd, funny, or in their special way; in this case a feature was considered to be nationally predetermined. Stereotypes rise when some part of people of any peculiar nationality is noticed to behave similarly. At this point people concluded that Americans are enterprising, Germans are punctual, Irish – revolutionary, Jews – greedy, and Russians – addicted to alcohol. On the one hand, all these assumptions have a point, on the other hand, not all Americans run their own business and not all Germans work like a clock.

Nevertheless, the negative undertone can be found in a range of stereotypes. They frequently refer to gender or racial inequalities and depict individuals as flawed. Here belong treating African Americans like people bound to the lower stratum of society, or regarding women purely as maidservants and child minders. That is why it is important to differentiate stereotypes from an objective perception of reality, as all individuals are unique irrespective of their gender, race, or nationality.

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