July 6, 2017

Social and psychological causes and problems of divorce essay sample



Divorce is such a multifaced creature that we cannot give a universal explanation why it comes. Things of different nature may equally threaten a marriage and force people to break up unexpectedly. Naturally, for all divorced couples these causes are different.

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First, couples who notice that the marriage does not work out have probably got together too fast. Blurred by the charm of romance, people cannot see some qualities that make them incompatible with each other. Despite the chemistry of love between them, some couples are unable to communicate efficiently from the very beginning. And only having been married and put all the romance behind, they face this utter incompatibility.

An intrusive social environment is another reason why a part of couples cannot hold together. Some people encircle us with stereotypes about the image of our perfect spouse, and once we face problems in relations, we can see many those undesirable qualities in our spouse. Even if they do not exist.

People who marry for some incentives are actually destined to divorce. Starting relationships to get money or envious looks from the society, people hope that the relationships will somehow work after they get those incentives. But actually, this is a direct way to an emotional ruin.

People often strive to a divorce as they refuse to learn how to resolve conflicts. As soon as the first difficulties arrive, spouses get desperate. They are shocked by the behavior of each other and give up. As a matter of fact, such a communication fail can be easily resolved, but people do not work hard enough on making interaction effective.

Marriage is like a plant – it blooms as long as people nourish it. But it does not work for self-centered ones. People shall not only search for a good spouse but be such themselves.

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