July 1, 2016

Should students be allowed to determine holidays before the school year?



School holidays are an exciting time for every student in the US. Having a few days off is a great opportunity to relax and spend more time with friends. Except for one-week winter and spring breaks and much more appealing long summer break public schools provide days off on federal and state holidays. Some of them certainly differ from one state to another or can be celebrated on different days each year.  Besides, in some schools religious holidays also become days off, which depends on the community, its national traditions and beliefs.

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Obviously, a lot of dates mentioned above occur during the school year, so that students obtain additional few days for rest here and there. This practice poses a question of grouping these one or two days or rearranging them. This is a job for school principals who determine which holidays will remain working days, and which – days off. Still we doubt whether it is rational to pass this opportunity for children and their parents who are directly interested on which days they can plan some shared activities. First of all, school schedule must be approved by authorities if these are state schools as it concerns working schedule of teachers as well. In private schools parents can decide together with the teachers which holidays can drop out of schedule. The same refers to the religious holidays – it is for community to decide which of them can be dominant.

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