July 1, 2016

Is it okay to eat some animals but not other animals? Why?



Consuming meat is one of the most ancient traditions of a mankind. Hunting was one of the prior activities of our predecessors before they started to raise livestock at their households. However, centuries ago a farm was inherent rather to wealthy people, while the poor could have some minor poultry and relied on hunting or consuming more accessible food. Nowadays it is clear to us why certain animals were chosen to be raised for slaughter, and the reason is highly pragmatic: these animals produce a generous amount of meat and are reasonable to be fed for years.

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Despite newly born vegetarianism finds even more followers in the Western culture, meat dishes have been traditional for centuries. No respectable dinner in any aristocratic European family could do without meat, properly cooked and nicely decorated. Today all dishes with fat-laden spicy and savory meat is usually linked to fast food, consequently, major meat food is treated like an unnecessary and odd part of human ration.

Advocates of vegetarianism accuse omnivores of the fact that most of them are pet lovers, nevertheless, they eat creatures alike their loved ones. Some people say that such behavior indicates towards selfishness, others – towards cruelty. Anyway, it can be explained by a traditional selection made by our ancestors who chose certain animals as suitable for a dinner table and others as perfect for making friends with. To make some balance in the argument it is necessary to admit that vegetarianism is great for people who disposed of chronic diseases due to changing their dietary habits; on the other hand, omnivores have a full right to consume food that was considered traditional and normal for ages.

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