July 4, 2016

How does technology improve our quality of life?



Paying great interest to all news of high-tech we ceased to be enthusiastic about the whole range of devices that fill our lives. Younger generation, we hardly imagine how people lived without TV set, computer, and Wi-Fi; our parents, on the contrary, cannot stop wondering were such a rush development which was not even planned some fifty years ago could lead us. Indeed, we get used to advantages of modern civilization quickly.

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The first thing we pay attention to is household appliances surrounding us. It is very easy and fast to manage every activity with their help. The other great innovation is the internet, Wi-Fi, and uncountable electronic devices that can provide connection to the network everywhere. It is also highly important, as a hasty rhythm of life induces us to solve arising problems on the go.

It is not only everyday routine where technologies make our life better. A considerable step forwards in science significantly improved our medical care. Today we have really advanced machinery that makes possible to conduct complex operations with minimal damage to the patients.   Pharmacists have created more new medicals due to wider possibilities; these are chemical, hormonal treatment, more new antibiotics, herbal-based medicine etc.. And this use of technologies is even more impressive as patients with diseases that have been considered incurable a few years ago received a new hope today.

Quality of life greatly depends on technical devices at our hand. It comprises both quality and quantity of job as well as rest. The role of technical development cannot be underestimated as it affects every sphere of our life.


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