July 4, 2016

Homework should be banned



Due to the great concern of parents and complains of their children debates on banning homework become even fiercer with every year. Several studies have shown that the impact of homework upon children is not so positive as we used to think so people begin to doubt that such conventional thing as homework is a necessity. Nevertheless, many educators do not rush with groundbreaking decisions and insist on sticking to the traditional way of schooling where a certain amount of work must be done at home. Actually, it is difficult to condemn one of these sides as both of them have a grain of truth in the argumentation.

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All students know that after a rigorous day at school nothing else is waiting for them as homework. Additional hours of self-study do not only leave no time for sports and friends, they make children edgy and nervous. Parents with their own assignments start irritating kids who end up in acute depression as they spend whole days with books and get no approval from adults. This negative experience is immanent to all students from secondary school to college, consequently, some change must take place.

In order to keep balance between education of high quality and a happy childhood we cannot fully abolish homework. Let us be honest: would any of us receive such ground knowledge as we did if there were no self-study? Obviously, not. However, its amount shall be reduced, especially for those who have not entered a high school yet. One hour or hour and a half is a normal amount of homework which helps to make sure that children processed all the information they got at classes; it does not prevent their rest or other activities. Besides, students should be prepared to a vast amount of self-study at the final grades of high school and college.

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