July 6, 2017

Everyone should be trained in emergency medical care, like CPR essay sample



We frequently treat emergency only as a service provided by authorized medical institutions. Though practically everybody can save a life in critical moments, most of us lack experience and training. We do not come across people with a heart attack or victims of car accidents in everyday life. It seems like all we can do to help is to call the ambulance. If only we had some practical skills of emergency care, we could save lives lost in few minutes.

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CPR is the most widely used life-saving technique applied to a person suffering from cardiac arrest. It is a sudden stop of heart beating that causes heart attack. If a person has collapsed from cardiac arrest, it is important to perform CPR in the first minutes after the incident. You can reanimate a person by pressing rhythmically on their chest or breathing air into their lungs. Untrained people can perform hands-only CPR, while trained people may proceed with rescue breaths.

Emergency medical care is not limited to CPR. It also includes a few ways to stop bleeding and other skills that may be lifesaving in routine situations (like choking or burns). Basic medical training is not something extraordinary, but it may do even more harm if performed in a wrong way. Even if we can do something to save a life, we are afraid to fail emergency care. If only we could remember how to differentiate arterial bleeding from venous one and how to treat each of them, we would be much more helpful.

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