June 28, 2016

Do different types of intelligence exist?



The debates on how many intelligences exist in people or, which is more precise, by how many factors abilities of a person called human intelligence are predetermined still go on in scientific circles. Traditional or conservative approach towards the nature of our cognitive abilities claims that human intelligence is influenced by a single factor and it is revealed in advanced analytical thinking and involves mathematical skills. Despite a solid position taken by this point of view, opponents of a single-intelligence theory claim that only one dimension of human cognitive activity cannot be treated as intelligence. They expand this notion towards other human skills not connected to analytical thinking but which definitely make people out of their social environment.

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As psychologists remind us that every human is talented in their own sphere, we incline to adopting theory of multiple intelligences. Social studies differentiate about nine types of intelligence. Except for mathematical one here also belong naturalistic, musical, existential, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, intra-personal, and spatial intelligences. Their existence explains why some people are more apt in languages, while others do better with mathematics, music, social studies and other spheres where we display our cognitive abilities. Some people can possess only one type of intelligence, however many of us have several intellects combined, for example, naturalistic, interpersonal, and spatial, or mathematical and musical.

Supporting theory of multiple intelligences makes a lot of sense while we cannot just call individuals with developed analytical thinking intelligent and treat all others as inefficient or narrow-minded. Mathematical intelligence does not occupy any prior place over all other human abilities. A person can be called intelligent if they possess remarkable skills or talent in any field mentioned above.

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