July 4, 2016

Define diversity



Diversity is the precise term by which we can characterize all inhabitants of Earth. It happened so that we have a wide range of incredible, perfect, and various living beings living on our planet. It concerns diversity of species all of which have different characteristics and needs, nevertheless, they create ideal conditions for life on the planet. On the other side, diversity also concerns humans as a lot of racial, ethnic, cultural groups live in various places of the planet. Despite being social creatures, people find it awkward and difficult to overcome barriers caused by vast diversity which has become a challenge for modern society.

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To put it briefly, diversity is a variety of anything we deal with. We remember the term biodiversity from our environmental studies which refers to animals, plants, microorganisms, and all other living beings on the planet. And social studies provide us with a wider range of notions that describe people originating from different social strata, cultures, races, political, religious groups and many more. Diversity in all its manifestations is an object of thorough researches as phenomena concerning interaction between representatives of different groups remain to be investigated.

Social diversity is the most pressing subject today. Different national or social origin has born numerous inconsistencies between individuals. People have always had a problem with treating those who are different, which led to discrimination and repression against individuals of certain group. Besides racial origin, it also refers to people with disabilities who are frequently excluded from the remaining society and considered as flawed. Moreover, we shall not forget such thing as diversity in the workplace which is also a part of our modern reality.

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