July 4, 2016

All citizens who do not vote should pay a fine



A right to vote means a lot to individuals who believe that fair elections will help to chose only the best politicians. Without paying much attention to the fact that even in democratic societies elections are usually not so fair as they are expected to be, it is necessary to assume that vote implies certain responsibility on the electorate. That is why all citizens of voting age must be aware that their choice will influence the future of the whole country.

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Despite the whole importance of voting, not all people feel that they are ready to affect global processes. A certain part of population usually stays away during the elections which is reported by people who provide statistics from each particular district. Though non-voters are frequently condemned for indifference towards social life and providing a perfect ground for falsification, this evidence must be treated more tolerantly. People shall remember that voting is a right, and any person can ignore it if they consider this way to be better.

It is necessary to hold in mind that each citizen who cannot make up their mind according to the person of perfect candidate shall be able to leave the responsibility to those who are better aware of political life. Presumably, many of people who refuse to vote consider every candidate being equally non-deserving and corrupted, so there is no clear reason why they should change their mind and participate in elections. As long as voting is a right, it shall not transform into obligation.

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